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Beyond the Windowsill

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Sometimes things just look pretty all of a sudden

I don't have a great passion for cities, strangely enough all my digital work and daydreaming leaves me desiring things outside to be less artificial. However, there where we do not usually go, cities can be inspiring to that fantasy bug in my head.

window view at church

Although I often look outside when my heads working out some little software challenge this time the added contrast of dark clouds and sunlight just made me take a quick shot. Having only my wide-angle lense with me, I then cut out the approximate view that I look at when I look outside.

I can see the thiefs sneaking over the rooftops. Or an army of two story-line where I'm chasing bad-guys together with my buddy Sandra. Gargoyles sitting on the corners of the church, or perhaps a lone vampire, no, super-hero! Anything can happen in this little corner of an Amsterdam that lives beyond that windowsill.

I just wanted to share this somewhere and perhaps dream back into this place, or allow a random visitor of my lonely blog to dream along with me. Back to work it is for me!