The Insignificant Pebble

About the insignificant pebble

Although the name may seem like I have a rather negative self-image, this is not what the intention of the name signifies. Like the ripple in the pond can make a wave, something must have made that ripple. The bend of the river must have started with something. The crack in your wind-shield must have been caused by something. So, a pebble. It may not seem like much, but perhaps that insignificant little bit of information can change your life, and maybe you will change the world, and maybe it was me that got you going in the right direction.

In my day to day work I quite often notice that the greatest issues start over what turns out to be a simple assumption. Usually the assumption that somebody has that critical piece of information that you've been regarding as common knowledge.

Common sense is not so common. Voltaire

So, to make a small dent in that great awesome lack of common sense I try to, sometimes, remind myself to just throw it out there, on the net...

I'm also experimenting a lot with simplicity in 'design'. My aim being to actually not design too much (since I can't) and have a better focus on the content. At times this messing about might of course just make things worse.


This blog in the end is also an exercise in simplicity, although this may not mean that what I find simple, is also useful for non-technical people. And as such I've been looking a long time for a satisfying way of blogging by use of markdown. A very popular format with us programmers.

Although when I started looking, github wasn't quite as far along yet, by now their github pages solution is just about perfect. You can build pages and posts in markdown, template using handlebars and all of that is processed using Jekyll. Github also provides a way of running this stack on your own computer so you can work on your blog offline, and publish whenever you're finished tinkering.

Pretty much the perfect solution for me and as anything on this site is up for grabs if you need it, you can see the bare bones of this blog over on github.


And to conclude I would like attribute some of the projects / art / fonts I make use of. Some demand it, some don't, they all deserve it though:

Yes, I'm playing too much with font faces ;)